The Asian American Leadership Center is blessed to have among its team members, a number of scholars, counselors, and missionaries who have engaged in various types of sociological, psychological, organizational, and missiological research among diverse people groups and leadership teams across a variety of social and organizational contexts.

Previous studies conducted by our team members have included ethnographic interviewing on the mission field, psychological research among students on university campuses, leadership research among staff members in missionary organizations, and a number of survey studies among various population groups in different church and ministry organization settings.

Research Study 2012:
Asian American Leadership Values

The focus of our most recent research study has been on the discovery of Asian American Leadership Values.  Serving in partnership with faculty members from Fuller Theological Seminary and numerous Asian American church leaders and scholars, an online survey was made available to Asian American churches in northern and southern California to survey leaders and members of English-speaking Asian American churches in order to discover the impact of acculturation on the leadership qualities that Asian Americans look for in their pastoral leaders. 

The primary goal of this study is to develop a list of culturally appropriate leadership values which can be used to guide the intentional development of leaders in Asian American churches and communities.

The findings from this study will help us answers questions such as:
1.  What leadership qualities are common among many Asian Americans pastors?
2.  What biblical and organizational leadership qualities resonate well with Asian Americans?
3.  What impact does acculturation have on the leadership qualities that Asians look for in their leaders?

The data collection phase for this study has been completed, and the findings and conclusions are being finalized for review by church leaders from the participating churches, as well as other Asian American scholars and ministry leaders.

We would like to thank the 200+ participants from the 19 churches who provided their time and valuable input into helping us discover the organizational leadership qualities and the Christian leadership qualities that Asian Americans see often and expect often in their pastoral leaders.

If you have questions or would like more information about this study, you may email Winsome Wu.